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Allwave Technologies

Allwave Technologies specializes in advanced wireless connectivity solutions and public safety communications installations. We ensure your property is not only connected but also compliant and secure.

Your Pathway to Reliable and Secure Communications

Allwave Technologies is your trusted partner in advanced wireless communication solutions. From emergency responder radio coverage systems to commercial cell phone signal boosters, we provide comprehensive, reliable connectivity solutions tailored to your needs. Our passion for innovation and commitment to service excellence ensures your enterprise stays connected, safe, and compliant. Experience the Allwave difference today.
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BDA System Installation

Allwave offers top-tier BDA System Installation, ensuring your communication networks stay resilient. Our expertly engineered solutions guarantee reliable connectivity, even in challenging signal environments.

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Commercial Cell Boosters

Maximize your communication efficiency with Allwave's Commercial Cell Boosters. Enhance cellular signals within your commercial spaces and stay connected, always.

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Commercial Cellular Installation

Our Commercial Cellular Installations strengthen your building's wireless infrastructure, ensuring stable and robust connectivity for seamless business operations.

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Commercial Signal Boosters

Poor signal strength can be a thing of the past with our Commercial Signal Boosters. Experience clearer, uninterrupted communication across your commercial premises.


ERCES Installation

Stay compliant and secure with Allwave’s ERCES Installations. Our advanced emergency responder systems provide crucial radio coverage, facilitating seamless communication during crises.

ERRCS Installation

Allwave's ERRCS Installation services guarantee your building's radio signals stay strong, aiding first responders during emergencies. Ensure safety and compliance with our expert solutions.

First Responder

Our First Responder Communications solutions ensure your building is equipped to handle emergencies. With our services, you support those who put their lives on the line every day.

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Public Safety Communications

Allwave's Public Safety Communications Installation enhances your building’s emergency preparedness. We strategically install antennas and boosters, ensuring smooth communication during emergencies.

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School Connectivity

Allwave helps schools stay technologically advanced with School Connectivity solutions. We ensure seamless connections for security systems, learning tools, and RFID tracking, creating a safe, conducive learning environment.

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Wireless Grid Testing

Our Wireless Grid Testing services ensure your property's wireless coverage meets regulatory compliance. We help optimize your business operations through superior wireless connectivity testing.

Why Choose Allwave Technologies?

Your Safety, Our Priority

Meet Code Requirements with Confidence

Reliable communication during emergencies isn’t a luxury, but a necessity backed by International Fire Code Section 510 and National Fire Protection Association Codes 72 and 1221. Ensuring your building complies with these codes means equipping first responders with reliable in-building communication. Trust Allwave to guide your building to code compliance, prioritizing safety and peace of mind for all occupants.

Supporting Heroes, Protecting Communities

First Responder Communications

We owe our safety to our brave first responders. Providing reliable signal coverage for their communication devices is our way of ensuring they have the tools needed to protect us effectively. Allwave Technologies stands with our first responders, offering advanced Emergency Responder Radio Communication System (ERRCS) installations.

Ensuring Safety, Enabling Effective Communication

Public Safety Communications Installation

Compliance and safety are two paramount aspects of any property. We offer state-of-the-art public safety communications installations, aligning your property with regulatory standards while facilitating seamless communication during emergencies. Allwave Technologies - your partner in fostering a safe and secure environment.

Optimized Connectivity For Modern Requirements

Pioneering Wireless Grid Testing

Reliable wireless connectivity isn't an option, it's a necessity. With our comprehensive wireless grid testing services, we pave the way for robust, uninterrupted wireless coverage across your property. Step into the future of connectivity with Allwave Technologies.

Empowering Education Through Connectivity

School Connectivity Solutions

Schools are technology hubs. Connectivity is critical to fostering an optimal learning environment and maintaining security. Our advanced school connectivity solutions empower education in ways never imagined, from RFID systems for asset tracking to enhanced wireless internet access.

Together, Let's Build

A More Connected Future

With our innovative solutions, professional approach, and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, Allwave Technologies is all set to create a safer, more connected world. Join us on this journey and experience the future of connectivity today.

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Transform Your Wireless Infrastructure with Allwave

Experience Allwave’s step-by-step approach to wireless solutions. Benefit from our comprehensive signal strength assessment, standardized equipment, energy-efficient power distribution, design engineering, future-proof solutions, ongoing support, flexibility, and financing options. With Allwave, you gain a partner who guides you through technical and regulatory requirements while minimizing costs and maximizing efficiency. Prepare your buildings for the evolving wireless future.
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