Public Safety Communications Installation


Building a Safer Future with Public Safety Communications

Navigating safety regulations and building codes is crucial for your business, particularly regarding emergency communication systems. At Allwave Technologies, we’re experts in Public Safety Communications Installation, helping businesses of all sizes to ensure compliance, safety, and seamless emergency communications throughout their properties.

Our team covers every aspect of your public safety communications requirements. We handle all your ERRCS (Emergency Responder Radio Communication System) coverage requirements, from initial surveys to installation and maintenance. Our strategic planning ensures that bi-directional repeaters, sources, and antennas are strategically placed both inside and outside your property, maximizing coverage and ensuring reliable communications in every corner of your building, including basements, stairwells, and multi-floor spaces.

Installation and Maintenance

Allwave Technologies has every aspect of your public safety communications requirements covered. Our team can handle ERRCS coverage requirements, from surveys to installation and maintenance.

Protect Staff

Guarantee your staff will be able to communicate with first responders and other employees regardless of the circumstances and anywhere in your facility.

Ensure Compliance

By getting your ERRCS through Allwave Technologies, your business will be assured it complies with all building codes and FCC regulations.

Guarding Lives and Assets: The Importance of Public Safety Communications Systems

Public Safety Communications Installation, or ERRCS, is commonly required by state or federal building codes, especially for newer properties. This requirement is often due to Fire Marshalls enforcing the International Fire Code (IFC). With an ERRCS professionally installed by Allwave Technologies, you ensure compliance with current and potentially future building codes and guarantee the safety of your employees and inventory during emergencies such as fires.

Why Choose Allwave Technologies for ERRCS Installation?

At Allwave Technologies, we offer a comprehensive service. We conduct pre-installation surveys to ensure maximum coverage and apply our engineering and design focus on providing turnkey solutions. Our team specializes in wireless communication, ensuring your business safety by maintaining communications with first responders in case of emergencies. Our professional installation and ERRCS testing guarantee a top-quality, effective system.

A Testament to Our Excellence

We hold ourselves to the highest standards, reflected in our wide range of manufacturer certifications, an FCC license, and a General Radiotelephone Operator License (GROL). This ensures that your installation will meet all FCC standards for coverage requirements.

Ensuring Continuous Compliance with ERRCS Preventative Maintenance

Even post-installation, we’re still going. Our engineers provide annual system checks and continuous remote monitoring. Environmental changes, such as new tower installations and wireless congestion, can impact a system’s effectiveness. We ensure your system remains code-compliant so your location’s Certificate of Occupancy (CO) is never at risk.

An Essential Component of Modern Businesses

A Public Safety Communications System, or ERRCS, is a wireless communications system used by emergency services and first responders to communicate effectively during emergencies. These systems are typically installed in newer businesses and larger properties based on regulations, often under the supervision of a county Fire Marshall. An ERRCS is required in almost all new commercial properties due to the NFPA and ICC standardized codes, such as the National Fire Code, International Fire Code, and International Building Code.
public safety system
Allwave Technologies ensures your business is equipped with a state-of-the-art ERRCS, adheres to all relevant building codes, and is prepared for emergencies. Secure your business and provide peace of mind to your employees by investing in Public Safety Communications Installation with Allwave Technologies today.
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