Wireless Grid Testing

Building a Connected Future:

The Power of Wireless Grid Testing

Constant connectivity is vital not only for smooth business operations but also for complying with safety regulations. Consider a comprehensive wireless grid test if you’ve been encountering wireless dead zones on your property or have doubts about whether your building adheres to fire codes. Allwave Technologies offers premium wireless grid testing services that identify your needs and enhance your property’s wireless connectivity.

Our highly skilled technicians hold certifications to assess your location for various connectivity necessities, including public safety radio systems, cellular signals, and Land Mobile Radio (LMR) connections. Our meticulous approach has our team traversing every inch of your property, carrying out thousands of tests, and analyzing the data to present you with a detailed coverage map. This isn’t merely an installation step but an essential process before you make any decisions. Our testing may reveal that your facility already has complete coverage and doesn’t need other systems, providing peace of mind about your building code compliance.

Comply & Verify

Align your business with fire codes, other regulations, and safety protocols through our thorough testing service. We help identify potential compliance issues and ensure your company follows all necessary guidelines.

Pinpoint Your Coverage

Our testing service precisely determines your wireless connectivity needs or can even verify if you already have complete coverage. We take the guesswork out of the equation, providing you with accurate data for making informed decisions.

Wave Goodbye to Dropped Connectivity

Trust in Allwave Technologies for exhaustive wireless connectivity grid testing. Our mission is to prevent any interruptions or lags in your connectivity that could disrupt your business operations.

The Role of Wireless Connectivity Grid Testing

Reliable wireless connectivity is a necessity across all aspects of a business, encompassing public safety, internet connectivity, and cellular signal connectivity. Our experienced professionals have conducted wireless grid connectivity tests in various venues, from hospitals and schools to smaller storefront businesses. We excel in designing and implementing systems that provide full connectivity in every scenario.

Building Code Compliance Connectivity Testing

While the requirements vary across different regions, some common baseline requirements for wireless grid testing include a signal strength measurement of at least -95 dBm, passing coverage in 90% of the squares, and stipulations for a Distributed Antenna System (DAS) if adjacent squares have failing coverage. Depending on the local policies and the building’s square footage, certain structures may need a DAS installation, even with complete coverage. It’s important to note that these requirements don’t account for cellular connectivity coverage, which is crucial for optimal functionality.

Commercial Cellular Connectivity Testing

While not legally required in every case, comprehensive cellular connectivity coverage is becoming increasingly important for seamless business operations. Our professional team will test for dead spots and weak connectivity areas for all cellular carriers. With the growing interference in wireless connectivity, it’s becoming crucial to have your cellular connectivity evaluated through wireless grid testing annually or biannually. This consistent testing helps identify what, if any, additional systems are necessary to maintain optimal connectivity.

Optimize Your Business

Wireless grid testing is the initial and critical step toward ensuring your property has the requisite wireless coverage. It not only aids in achieving regulatory compliance but also significantly optimizes your business operations. Allwave Technologies is committed to providing superior testing services that cater to all your wireless connectivity needs. Learn how our wireless grid testing can help you build a more connected future for your business.
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