Commercial Cellular Installation

Amplify Your Connectivity with Commercial Cellular Installation Solutions

For any modern business, comprehensive cellular coverage is essential. The ability to maintain clear and effective wireless communication is more important now than ever. At Allwave Technologies, our expert team specializes in full design and installation of Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS), Bi-directional Antenna Systems (BDA), and cellular boosters to fit a wide range of needs. Be it indoor, outdoor, large, or small commercial properties, our team possesses the expertise to tailor a cellular coverage solution for any scenario.

Commercial DAS/BDA/Booster Installation

Ensure uninterrupted cellular communication in your business premises with our commercial cellular communications system installation services. We deliver comprehensive cellular coverage tailored to your unique requirements.

Reliable Expertise

Our expert installation team offers reliable services that provide peace of mind regarding safety, communication efficiency, and code compliance.

All-In-One Service

From surveying and analyzing to making recommendations, installing, testing, and maintaining your DAS or cellular booster systems, our installers ensure quality service both initially and in the long term.

Commercial Cellular Installation Solutions

Allwave Technologies has the necessary expertise to help businesses enhance their cellular signal coverage. Whether your business requires a cellular booster for improved indoor signal strength or a more comprehensive BDA/DAS system, our professionally certified staff can provide the assurance of complete satisfaction with your workplace coverage.

Large Commercial Building DAS Installations

When dealing with large commercial buildings or extensive outdoor areas, cellular coverage can often fall short, leaving certain areas disconnected. In these circumstances, the installation of a Distributed Antenna System (DAS) can be a game changer. A DAS system is designed to extend the range of cellular coverage by utilizing a network of distributed antennas. This spreads the signal across a larger area, ensuring that even the most remote corners of your property have a robust and reliable signal, and is particularly beneficial for high-occupancy buildings, such as large office complexes, hospitals, or educational institutions. By opting for a DAS system installation, you are not just enhancing your cellular coverage but also ensuring seamless communication, which is essential for both daily operations and emergency situations.

Commercial Cellular Signal Booster Installations

Businesses struggling with poor cellular coverage can rely on the professionals at Allwave Technologies for substantial improvement through the installation of a network of boosters. Our wide range of both single-carrier and multi-carrier boosters can accommodate any requirements.

Commercial Cellular Installation Construction Surveys

Our proficient installation team at Allwave Technologies will carry out a comprehensive on-site visit to your property. They will assess roof accessibility for equipment placement, identify optimal cable paths for efficient signal transmission, and conduct an extensive signal strength evaluation across your entire building or outdoor site. This detailed investigation enables us to provide a thorough assessment and recommend the precise equipment necessary to guarantee complete cellular coverage for your commercial property.

Commercial Cellular Installation Testing

Upon finalizing the installation of the DAS system or wireless booster system, our skilled team will conduct an exhaustive series of signal strength tests across every inch of your property. This ensures that each area is adequately covered and the enhancements are functioning as expected. Our primary objective is your complete satisfaction with your improved cellular coverage and signal strength, and we will not consider the job done until we have fulfilled this promise.
a worker climbing a tower to install equipment

Why Your Business Needs Commercial Cellular Communications Installation

Unlike residential properties, commercial properties often sprawl over tens or even hundreds of thousands of square feet. In such cases, maintaining effective wireless coverage over a large area is essential for both business-related operations and emergency first-responder situations. Trust Allwave Technologies to deliver commercial cellular installation services that prioritize seamless communication, customer satisfaction, and safety.
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