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  • CellBooster S3

    Cell Boost S3

    Key features of the Cell Boost S3 include an LCD that provides real-time signal strength data, as well as smart isolation detection and interference shutdown.

  • CellBoost S5

    Cell Boost S5

    The Cell Boost S5 has a HiTech LCD Touchscreen that shows real-time signal strength data. Smart Isolation Detection and Inference Shut Down features ensure safety. Additionally, it comes with an Energy-saving Uplink Hibernation mode that activates when there is no signal input. The Smart Mode allows for auto and manual adjustment with real-time input signal detection.

  • cellbooster s5t

    Cell Boost S5T

  • cellbooster s5t1

    Cell Boost S5T1

  • cellbooster t5

    Cell Boost T5

    Cell Boost T5 features an LCD showing real-time signal strength data and intelligent isolation detection and inference shutdown.

  • cellbooster t5t1

    Cell Boost T5T1

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