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  • CellBooster S3

    Cell Boost S3

    Key features of the Cell Boost S3 include an LCD that provides real-time signal strength data, as well as smart isolation detection and interference shutdown.

  • CellBoost S5

    Cell Boost S5

    The Cell Boost S5 has a HiTech LCD Touchscreen that shows real-time signal strength data. Smart Isolation Detection and Inference Shut Down features ensure safety. Additionally, it comes with an Energy-saving Uplink Hibernation mode that activates when there is no signal input. The Smart Mode allows for auto and manual adjustment with real-time input signal detection.

  • cellbooster s5t

    Cell Boost S5T

  • cellbooster s5t1

    Cell Boost S5T1

  • cellbooster t5

    Cell Boost T5

    Cell Boost T5 features an LCD showing real-time signal strength data and intelligent isolation detection and inference shutdown.

  • cellbooster t5t1

    Cell Boost T5T1

  • hiboost 15k smart link

    HiBoost 15K Smart Link

    The HiBoost 15K Smart Link (F20G-5S-IoT) was fundamentally designed to help maximize your 3G, 4G LTE and 5G signal by providing the most powerful consumer solution. It’s ideal for customers with a weak outdoor signal for homes and offices up to 15,000 square feet.

  • hiboost 10k plus

    HiBoost Home 10K Plus

    The 10K Plus features a built-in antenna and a high-gain outdoor antenna. With 68 dB max gain, it delivers cell signals for medium or large homes, so that users can enjoy constant cell phone coverage, better voice quality, greater hotspot reception, and faster internet speeds.

  • hiboost 4k plus

    HiBoost Home 4K Plus

    The 4K Plus cell phone booster features a built-in antenna and a high-gain outdoor antenna. With 65 dB max gain, it amplifies 3G, 4G LTE, and 5G signals and delivers signals in small/medium homes and offices.

  • slt

    HiBoost SLT

    SLT’s (20K Cellular Booster for Office) powerful boosting capabilities easily cover a range of up to 25,000 square feet and boast a +70-decibel max gain.

  • slw

    HiBoost SLW

    HiBoost SLW is the most powerful 3G and 4G LTE wide-band signal amplifying solution for commercial applications. It has the capability of outputting a maximum power of 15 dBm and a maximum DL gain of 72 dB.

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